Importance of Graphic Design in Business and Why Your Clients Should Care

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You’re in business – go you! You want people to know your business – professionally speaking, that is. You need stellar graphic design to help find and communicate your brand voice because the importance of graphic design in business has never been greater. Brand recognition and personal connection have become the leading goal for businesses and brands that wish to remain competitive both on and offline. To be effective, your brand must connect with the public in order for them to remember who you are and what your business offers.  It’s no different when you’re selling your graphic design services to your clients. Read on for some facts you can share with your potential clients.


What does good design offer your client? Good design can boost their company’s or brand’s recognition, credibility, and trust factor. Good design creates a bond between the company and the public. Good design also creates a way for the company to establish itself as a reputable source for a product or service.

 Does that sound like too much emphasis on design and not enough on the product or service itself?

Good Design EnTices Buyers

ake a moment and think about your online activities. When you visit a website, what is the first thing you do? You scan the page. If you’re into the page’s vibe or if something on the site attracts your attention, you take the time to learn more about the product or service. If you find the design unattractive, dated, or hard to use, you simply move on to the next site. Great graphic design will help “catch” customers. It’s as simple as that.

How many times have you passed on purchasing an item because the packaging design just didn’t speak to you or made you feel like the product would be low-quality?  Perhaps you went to a store with the intention of purchasing an item, but you simply left it on the shelf because the packaging design or overall branding didn’t make you feel like it was worth your hard-earned money. Most of us have done this – even if it was subconsciously.

 And that is why graphic design in business is so important. It can literally convert a window shopper into a buyer.

THe 8 Second Rule

If you’re lucky, you have 8 seconds to make an impression on a site visitor or potential customer. 8 seconds, that’s it. In the past, marketing professionals believed that you had up to two minutes to make an impression on a client. This was at a time when most sales were conducted face-to-face. You had to look your best and be informed to keep a potential client interested.  But times, they are a-changing!

As the sales force changed to a more hands-off approach, marketing reps stated that you had about 30 seconds to make an impression on your potential client. This is one of the reasons that television commercials are only 30 seconds long. Anything longer than that, and the public loses interest. Stress was placed on good graphic design for commercials and mail advertising. Graphic design also changed in printed materials and business cards.  Even stationery design has been elevated. 

Nowadays, you have maybe 8 seconds to make an impression. Eight seconds is an incredibly short time!  Consumers now have unlimited access to products and services. They can conduct a search and click on a link in a matter of seconds. Retaining visitors on a page long enough to entice them to take some kind of action largely comes down to good, effective design. If your design and branding fosters a feeling of value right away, visitors will stay.

Your design does not have to be big and bold to be memorable. What your design has to be is meaningful. It has to stir emotion, even if that emotion is simply trust or curiosity. Good design is the secret sauce that will keep people coming back for more.

Brand Loyalty Matters

Brand loyalty is hard to achieve when there are so many options available to consumers. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to make yourself recognizable and build a connection with your consumer through superior design. Once they connect with the brand’s look, feel, and messaging brand loyalty will follow.

Take Nike, for example. The swoosh is a well known logo that has branded them without doubt. I don’t believe there is anyone under the age of 5 that doesn’t recognize the Nike swoosh and it what it stands for. Developing a style, being consistent with graphic design, and always using appropriate branding is a sure way to build brand recognition and is important for any business.

The Takeaway

As designers, we know how crucial good design is but it sometimes takes a bit of convincing for clients to understand how it has the power to take a small business and turn it into a well-known brand. So the next time you’re trying to explain to your client just how important graphic design is to the success of their business and why they need to focus on this aspect, be sure to share this article with them. 

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