What does it mean to Be Indigo?

Thousands of years ago, when artists mixed their own paints using pigments, indigo was one of the most luxurious and expensive commodities. Blue, once the rarest shade in the world and exclusively derived from indigo, is widely accessible today.


Just as the coveted color blue has become more universally available, Diana Donaldson founded Be Indigo to make beautiful and functional design accessible for everyone.


More than ever before, companies need to stand out and be heard in a noisy and competitive market. The most successful brands have embraced the fact that seamless design is non-negotiable when it comes to capturing and keeping an audience.

Good design is your secret sauce, and we’re here to put it in reach.


Our dynamic team of aesthetic-obsessed designers and developers creates quality design shaped by uncommon vision and practical problem-solving. We have spent the past 8 years creating remarkable solutions for web, print and corporate identity projects.


Our team aims not just to please our clients, but to push them, because we know how easy it is to fall into old habits and patterns, or to simply settle for a solution that’s “good enough.”

We believe impactful design is within reach for everyone, and we have a knack for digging deep into the stickiest problems that modern brands and companies face.

We commit to help you think bolder and deliver designs that make truly memorable first impressions, garner trust, boost credibility and lead to repeat business. Let’s work together to uncover the visual story your brand was made to tell.

Good design is a superpower -
and yes, it can be yours.


email diana@beindigo.com today